telematique, video, installation , pulse, vj telematique, video, installation , pulse, vj telematique, video, installation , pulse, vj

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The project was founded by the Goethe Institut Tokyo.

21.10.2005 ICC - Tokyo
23.10.2005 Triennale - Yokohama
28.10.2005 Mediatheque - Sendai
03.11.2005 Expo Park - Osaka
05.11.2005 YCAM - Yamaguchi
04.02.2006 transmediale - Berlin

15.10.2005 - 06.11.2005

Video installation pulse, moblab, Japan


The installation was produced and presented during the moblab project. While staying at the hosting institutions scenes of Japanese urban life were captured. The focus was on parts of the transportation system such as highways, waterways, airports and related infrastructural facilities. The scenes was be captured by using sequences of still images. The footage was used to construct time-lapse sequences. The resulting video clips was juxtaposed to sequences captured in Europe.
By applying time-lapse shooting and thus producing accelerated motion in the image apparently choatic movements of vehicles and people was transformed into clear, rhythmic, pulsative patterns. Through this process of image manipulation and condensations it was possible to track and highlight differences in the different local patterns of mobility.
In the duration of the trip a constantly growing pool of videoloops and -clips was produced and displayed on 2 flat screens positioned side by side.