Archive of videoclips

The video clips from telematique orginate through both artistic and commissioned work.

Their artistic and commissioned work bring together their innovative approach: both practices result from experimental techniques, such as time-lapse and/or analogue image cutting techniques. In other words, any technique from the analogue and/or digital world will be utilised that serves a particular purpose.
telematique continually conducts research, without the constraints of pre-defined rules and/or practices. Instead, every video clip is individually created so that a new impulse is achieved.

Present videoclips

wisin y yandel, madison square garden, new york, motion design, u-matic, telematique, 2018, live video, video show, stage designWisin y Yandel
Motion Design

telematique, u-matic, Trailer, MaerzMusik Festival, 2018MaerzMusik-Festival 2018

telematique, u-matic, Cool Your Jets, Miwon, music video, 2017, abstract, minimal, video artCool Your Jets
Music video

telematique, u-matic, Trailer, CTM-Festival 2016, 2016CTM-Festival 2016

telematique, u-matic, Schwarzwald, Black forest, Musikvideo, A Forest Mighty Black, Suite For B-Boy, videostillA Forest Mighty Black
Music video

telematique - u-matic - Berlin Jam Session Party - trailer - streetparade - zürich - 2012Jam Session Party

telematique music video monolake, far red monolake - far red
Music video

telematique music video auxraus, wire AUXRAUS - wire
Music video

telematique videoclip, podcast, liebe ist cool, ok! Liebe ist cool - OK !
Podcast video

telematique videoclip, skylark one, musician: miwon miwon - skylark one
Video clip

telematique videotrailer, transmediale 2005 transmediale 2005

telematique videoclip, construction, music: aaron day aaron day - construction
Video loop

telematique videoclip for the installation raw data, RAW DATA
Panorama projection