Archive of installations

telematique's installation work is the culmination of their free, artistic practice or remittance work.

Their installations are developed in an independent context, in particular to the surrounding architecture. The form of the presentation is always with regard to the place of the presenta-tion, thus integrating the architecture into the work itself. Various types of media are used in their installations. These are combined into the live shows, such as light, video and music. Each of these elements is used to create dense, atmospheric installations. Light is usually used in this context as an extended form of video.

Present installations

video installation, telematique, u-matic, protoplay, boiler room, berlin, 2017Landebahn

telematique, interactive installation, video installation, CTM Fear Anger Love Triptychon, Timm Ringewaldt, Sven Gareis, Fotobox, Stefan Brunner, emotion detection, CTM-Festival, 2017 Fear Anger Love Triptychon
Interaktive Videoinstallation

telematique, u-matic, protoplay, interactive, installation, TriangTriangTriang, triangtriangtriang, moet hennessy, Fotobox, video mapping sculpture, 2015TriangTriangTriang
Interactive Mapping Installation

telematique, installation, dreams of the nightshades, u-matic, video mapping, projection mapping, Den Haag, 2014, 2015dreams of the nightshades
Projection Mapping

telematique, u-matic, audiovisual installation, BET0N, Oliver Schmidt, echo bücher, Berlin Schattengewächse
Audiovisuelle Performance

telematique, u-matic, audiovisual installation, BET0N, Oliver Schmidt, echo bücher, Berlin Der grüne Heinrich
Audiovisuelle Performance

telematique, u-matic, Videoproduktion, ZERSTÖRTE VIELFALT, Brandenburger Tor, Berlin , 2013 ZERSTÖRTE VIELFALT

telematique, installation, IN THAT WEIRD PART, A/V Installation, general public, Berlin, 2012 IN THAT WEIRD PART
A/V Installation

telematique, installation, panorama, video installation, mercedes, brussels 2012 Mercedes-Benz. The new A-Class
Panorama video installation

telematique, installation, vidoemapping, panasonic convention, hamburg, 2012 Panasonic Convention
Video Mapping Installation

telematique, installation, surface-refinement, Cinder Block, a/v installation, Tob Jona, visomat inc., Gaite-Lyrique, Paris, 2011 Surface Refinement
A/V Installation

Video Mapping Installation für Avocis, u-matic, callcenterworld, Berlin, 2011 Avocis exhibition stand
Video Mapping Installation

telematique, installation, neoFacebox, ZDFneo, IFA, 2010 ZDFneo - neoFacebox
Interactive video installation

telematique, installation, neo_architect, ZDFneo, IFA, 2010 ZDFneo - neo_architect
Videomapping Installation

telematique, installation, neoChor, ZDFneo, IFA, 2010 ZDFneo - neoChor
Interactive audio/video installation

interactive videoinstallation Pulskurve, telematique Pulskurve
Interactive video installation

video mapping, video performance, live, telematique,club transmediale, 2009, a/v performance, audio/visual surface refinement
A/V performance + video installation

telematique, installation cubus, ifa opening gala, 2008 CUBUS - IFA opening Gala 2008
Videoinstallation + live Videomix

telematique, u-matic, LFT, installation adaptateur 6x6, cimatics festival 2007 adaptateur 6x6 + errorsmith
audio/video/light concert

telematique, u-matic, installation desperados,  bac! festival, distritoquinto, barcelona desperados
audio/video installation

installation halbzeug, telematique, visomat inc., errorsmith, m12 halbzeug
audio/video installation

telematique, lft, u-matic, installation adaptateur 6x6,  den haag, wasted3 festival adaptateur 6x6
light- and video installation

telematique, lft, u-matic, installation adaptateur 6x4, m12, berlin adaptateur 6x4
light- and video installation

vj-telematique-sequenz box - interactive video installation sequenz box
Interactive video installation

vj-telematique-adaptateur-4x4-light-installation-at club transmediale-in cooperatin with lft, berlin pulse

vj-telematique-adaptateur-4x4-light-installation-at club transmediale-in cooperatin with lft, berlin adaptateur 4x4
light installation

vj telematique, light installation, wasted 2, club maria berlinadatpateur adaptateur
light installation

vj telematique, video installation, barcelonaurban loops, urban loops
video installation

phonotop, sound installation, in cooperation with goodspace, berlin phonotop
sound installation

vj telematique, light installation for Liebe ist cool
light- and videoshow documentation

vj-telematique, installation, automatenbar, berlin automatenbar jukebox
interactive a/v installation

vj-telematique, interactive video installation, inside pong, berlin inside pong
interaktive video installation