Installation "desperados"

audio/video installation

vj telematique u-matic installation desperados video still 03 vj telematique u-matic installation desperados room vj telematique u-matic installation desperados video still 01

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audio/video installation "desperados"

The installation "desperados" is a co-production with telematique, Miwon and u-matic.

u-matic and telematique observe flora, growing right next to the street, thus staging a new view upon urban living space.
Even-tempered, as it seems, those tiny desperados occupy the centre of the scene: their leaves are moving, in sharp contrast to the automobile headlights in the background. At eye level with the weed, the different speeds of life become visible.
"Desperados" is shown on different monitors, and features corresponding audio from Berlin electronica producer Miwon [City Centre Offices]: fragile and delicate soundscapes, feeling their way out of the monitors' speakers and complementing each other in the exhibition room.
"Desperados" shows organic everyday life, and wishes to grow steadily as an organism itself: Each place and region visited by "Desperados" will provide our watchful cameras and sensitive microphones with new impressions from the roadside, and be heartly invited to become an inherent part of the installation.

The Installation was presented here:
> 11/2006, BAC! Festival, distritoquinto, Barcelona
> 10/2007, the colour rooms, Berlin
> 11/2007, general public, Berlin
> 10/2008, T-Space, South Korea